Sunday, April 11, 2010


I feel lost, and I just need this time and space to write about it. I don't need anyone to judge me, mostly myself. When I am not satisfied with the present I start living in the past. I dig up old things that should really stay underground. I can't say that its been a good method. In fact, I know it not to be. It hurts. I feel sad. I feel like I'm not me. When was the last time I did? And what is imposing this terribly dramatic emotion to take over me? Oh, woe is me! I know the root of the cause... for everything. I control my decisions, do I not? So, then, I am to blame for my disposition. My remedy is a minute away, but I wallow. I constantly need to be picked up and put back into place, put back together. Why not just stay broken? Stop.