Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let me just Ramble!

SO, What I think is that we can over complicate this life so easily. We can examine our hearts and our motives; we can dissect and end up amputating limbs of ourselves as a result of all of our endless self-probing. God has a purpose and a specific job for you, and if you are willing and obedient...HE WILL SEE IT THROUGH!! No matter what! Do we think we can stand in God's way? If you have His heart, and you know that even if you have selfish motives sometimes or don't understand where you are in life, if you know in your heart you DESIRE God's heart, you will have it. Because God gives us our desires. Desire His heart and His eyes. See people as He saw them. Every person has a story, how are you going to impact that story? Even if in the most minute way, will you plant a seed of hope? Will you hold back the name of Jesus? If you are too concerned on getting yourself will miss a chance to plant that seed. If you wait for perfect conditions in yourself, you will never do a thing for God. Just keep His word and His promise alive in your spirit, and remember He is the perfecter of your faith! He loves you, He created you to love you and be loved by you. It is so simple. It's something we can't earn or deserve. That's only a part of why He is so good!! His love is simple, but it is huge. And that covers everything, every reason we can think of...His love covers it. Stop thinking and just live it, love it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The other night I had a dream. I can't remember most of it, but here's what happened...

I was laying in the middle of a two way road. I had layed there to rest; I didn't mean to fall asleep, but I did. There were black birds flying above me. I was awakened by the rumbling of the ground from a red car coming quicly towards me. I hastily picked myself up and ran to the edge of the road where I was safe. I was frightened by that close call, but I started again on my journey home. I was in a comfortable jog when, what seemed sudden, a large group of runners pushed me aside. They were obviously trained. They stayed in a secure formation and were extreemly focused. They all wore white under armour and helmets. I watched then run past me and I wondered why they were wearing biker helmets when they were running. It was just weird to me. Then I noticed that these runners were headed in the opposite direction as me. I wondered where they were going, and was I headed the wrong way? Was I not on my way home? The path seemed so familiar! I stood still, alone in the road.

I woke up. This was a few nights ago, and until now I though it was a dream like any other dream I have. Normally my dreams fade quickly. The only reason I bothered to write this one down...was because I remembered it. Now I see it in a new light. Simply enough, as you may have guessed, the road symbolizes the Christian walk. It's a two way road, and you are either moving toward God or away from God. Nothing fancy, plain and simple. Looking at my heart I can honestly say I didn't want to fall asleep spiritually. I was just tired of running it alone. So I rested, but that rest dwindled into a slumber. I was sure to be devoured by the darkness hovering over me...those birds. I was saved only by that rumbling. That red car. I like to think that the color red is important to note here. Red can easily be associated to a number of things, for me, it's blood. The blood of Jesus. He bought with a price, and saved me...even though I wasn't calling out to Him. He's warned me with the rumbling, and awakened me from my slumber. But then what happens? I just jog along going the way I always go, my path was so familiar to me. The group of runners pushed me aside. These guys are the guys who get it! They are tight in formation, they are focused! They are wearing the armour, yes, a modern version of the armour of God!  The armour Paul talks about in Ephesians 6. That biking helmet stood out to me so I would pay attention to it. Gaurd you mind! Your thoughts should be on Him, on heaven. Collosians 3:2. Not one of them was alone in this. They had eachother. I was left standing alone in the middle of the road contemplating my place in the world. Where was I going? I thought I was headed the right way, it was so natural to me. That's because I was on my own path. In my life I can see the pattern that path has made. (leads nowhere- it's a seemingly right way, but it's all my own. so, it is all wrong) The experienced runners didn't grow weary, like I did. Galatians 6. They were on a different path. The one God laid. They were a great example of where I should be. I can see that. This may not be a huge revelation, but God spoke to me through this. He can speak to you in the same way, or in many different ways. Are you listening? I shrugged that dream off  likr it was nothing, but awkened, God showed me something in what I thought was nothing. If you're on a familiar path, look at those with experience, and follow them as they follow Christ. Turn around.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Laying it all out

I think too much. And I really rely on my own raitionality most of the time. The truth is I can't figure it all out. When I start thinking about something in my life or some issue I see in the world, my problems seem to multiply. I might even start panicing about how a screw up like me could be worthy to claim the name of Jesus in such a bold way. That's another place that I go wrong. Simply thinking I could ever be worthy. He layed it all out for me. I can only humble myself to accept His greatest gift. Thinking that I could somehow act or live a certain way to ever deserve that is...wrong. Today I woke up thinking about a very heavy, urgent situation in my life. I don't know how to overcome it, because it is so looming....just brooding over me like a thunderstorm. An event happens that is just like lightning striking, and one-onehundred, two-onehundred, three-onehundred...thunder growls. And the storm is headed my way. I think about the most logical way to deal with this. Well, I could get myself all packed up and head out of town. I could check out and say, "Hasta la vista!" But that's what it will always be... "See you later!", and I will always be running, hiding. The second way to deal: get an umbrella, take a deep breath, and face it. It's never an easy thing to do. So, here I am... How much longer can I delay this storm? How many more times will I take my own understanding as the only understanding there is? I have to lay it all out, like Jesus did. Every issue my mind digs up goes on the table before the Lord. God, I can't fix it. That release is giving in to whatever lies ahead. Jesus, be my Umbrella. Cover me in the storms that are so daunting.