Saturday, October 2, 2010

God is always faithful. His word is ever true.

God is always faithful. His word is ever true.
And sometimes we're dumb. Sometimes we are just not satisfied with the way our lives look. We tend to think everything around us is to blame, but oh! no, no it's not.
And God is always faithful. His word is ever true.
He loves you--enough to tell you that you're wrong. He doesn't condemn, but in that same swiftness comes the right answer. He just gives it to you, even if you don't give the thought enough to get it yourself, then He will give it to you through the people in your life that He gave you as well. So, praise God for leadership. It doesn't take much really. Just stop thinking about your own pleasure for a while. Don't watch a movie, go get in His word and pray. Honestly, your delight is really in the Lord. You know it is. That's when you really feel good, right? In His presence....ah, just thinkin about it oughta make ya feel betta. It's awesome! You're just alone with your Maker, and He's all yours! Beautiful. He really loves you. So He instructs you. Here's the point: I'm at this awesome church, and I know for sure that it's God. My pastors are incredible. Genuine, and their calling, anointing, and vision are just right. I'm! and excited- I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I'm growing and gaining life long relationships around corporate prayer and discipleship, I feel called to the ministry... Nothing can stop me, but my plans don't work out how I wanted them to.
God is always faithful. His word is ever true.
I'm in a new position of leadership, and I'm pumped. School starts, and work, and studying, and planning and preparing, and calling and remembering birthdays and family and friend is busy. Ya pray and read the word and stay filled, but why is it so hard?
"The fire burns the chaff."
What the heck does that even mean to me? Well, my ESV study Bible concordance tells me John talks about it when he's lecturing the Pharisees and Sadducees. Wheat is stored and chaff is burned...because it's useless. Then in Psalms chapter 1 and verse 4 chaff gets driven away by the wind. There it's used in comparison against a strong tree planted by a river. It's lookin pretty bad for the chaff. You definitely don't want it in your life...or have your life likened unto it. Well, i procrastinate. What ends up being done is like chaff, useless. Flammable and un-rooted. Time and time again I've told myself to get myself straight, and it's come to this.Yeah, it can be a little difficult, but look at what the other guy did...He hung on a cross. So, I think I can put more effort into planning and organizing my time. Now I know and I'm confident that I am that tree. I am planted and rooted by streams of water and I bear fruit in season. I don't wither, and everything I set my hand to prospers.
God is always faithful. His word is ever true.
It's good to be corrected--to be adjusted. Now, I could go off on a long chiropractic analogy here, but I'll spare you. It's just good, even if it's a little uncomfortable at first. That river I'm planted by is meant to drink from, it nourishes and keeps me alive. That's the Holy Spirit, of course. That's the good stuff. Of course. When fire does come, and it's sure to....if all I've set my hand to is useless then it will burn. But I have committed my work unto the Lord, and it will last.
Ya know, God is always faithful. His word is ever true.

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